Understanding How Kajabi Works, Pedagogically Speaking.

Jul 11, 2021

The image you see above is Clare-Rose Trevelyan, my friend and client who is an amazing children's author and an inventor of amazing parenting resources. The little girl is her youngest daughter, Campbell.  The fun of working with Clare and her children inspire what I have written below. 

I know I sound evangelical about the Kajabi platform when I explain to my team how it allows me to do several things at the same time. I'm euphoric as I describe how It saves me time as a content creator. 

I've even come up with a diagram to explain how I see Kajabi working expanding my reach to customers. I say, imagine the ripples caused by a small stone dropped into a large pond. In the centre is 'the product' - the engagement of a learning experience - contextualised in the ecosystem of concentric circles, each encompassing significant events and exchanges that together help build important customer relationships.


Imagining Curriculum - Arranging Relationships

The centrality of knowledge creation in a knowledge economy is indisputable. The individual features on the Kajabi platform, like phrases of music, function best when they produce a flourish of music, with emotional dynamics and feeling, creating value for user experiences that enrich lives.

I’m in the business of imagining ways of designing highly personalise learning experiences. My project for the past four years, for instance, has been the creation of resources for parents and children for children's author Clare Rose Trevelyan, writer of two series of books for young people of The Young Philosophers Series and the Past Life Library. 

In fact, Clare is more than an author. She works with multimedia texts which come together in an interactive online space she calls Everything World - a theme-park of the mind.  Ambition mixes her genius for storytelling with her life as a mother, and she populates the theme park with attractions that relate to the themes of her beautiful books. Here’s the map of Everything World I work with to devise her resources.

In Clare’s world, questions are far more important than answers. As such, it's not that she's asking me to devise a formal philosophy course but she is nonetheless truly Socratic in her approach to staging conversations in the learning experiences she wants for parents and children. Her vision:

I have a dream that family life for my children will be a collective of adventures in thinking, so it follows that my vision for a sustainable venture is creating a community of passionate people who empower you the parent, to crack open conversations between families, on life, on everything .... using our beautiful resources around your kitchen table for just ten minutes a day

Clare loves how questions throw up even more questions. I work with her to understand that even though parents share needs, their everyday lives are caught up trying to meet those needs within particular locations and contexts. She challenges them to think about and write their lives in stimulating ways. Her ‘attractions’ are resources for embracing the challenges of ‘just being a parent’ in self-reflection, understanding conflict and contradiction, as well as taking on the unrelenting changes of digitally enhanced living with devices.

Now, that's what, pedagogically speaking, Kajabi enables me to practice what I believe makes for great learning experiences.


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