Increase school enrolments through monthly advisory meeting, working with school leadership teams, school councils or specially convened in-school enrolment teams.

Content Project

Increase school enrolments by developing and completing a specific content product that enhances the school’s web presence, promoting the school or school web developer’s capacity to implement a content marketing approach.

Customised service

As digital producers creating exceptional content, we are specialist providers drawing on deep knowledge of pedagogy, education and scholarship blended with up-to-the-minute grip of digital content creation.    The frequent demand from schools and education specialist web designers across the world calls for a customised approach to most projects. We provide detailed quotations for our enquiries.     A ‘typical’ assignment will provide a school or web design client with a solution based on tailored content that matches the ‘buyer journey’ to grow a school’s enrolment. This includes comprehensive content audit, development of specific content pieces and advice on launch initiatives that work.

Helping to navigate complexity

In A New Digital Age, Google executives, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, draw a vision of ‘two civilizations’.

One is physical and has developed over thousands of years, and the other is virtual and is still very much in formation. These civilizations will coexist in a more or less peaceable manner, with each restraining the negative aspects of the other. The virtual world will enable escape from the repression of state control, offering citizens new opportunities to organize and revolt; other citizens will simply connect, learn and play. The physical world will impose rules and laws that help contain the anarchy of virtual space that protect people from terrorist hackers, misinformation and even from the digital records of their own youthful misbehavior. 

As Schmidt and Cohen explain in interviews and press releases, the three-year project of writing the book, in which they visit thirty countries, was a vital one for them as leaders of Google facing the impending opportunities and threats in the next decade with an expected 5 billion new people joining the Internet.  While not directly dealing with education, they substantially acknowledge how education courses, programmes and projects already move across regional and national boundaries through the speed of the digital transformations taking place.

It is a question on which I am fixated. I dedicate all my time to finding effective solutions that assist schools, educational businesses and organisations creatively deal with the sheer volume of content before us. It is also a subject I deal with through my blogs, for instance, in  

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