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 1. Deciding where to start


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Content projects around telling the school story are foundational to any school community digital engagement. They can be used to systematically interrogate the production of school-based curricula that combines the research on the well-conceived technology content and pedagogical models such as T-Pack. Projects point to the complex interactions that are set up in the creation of classroom content within teaching and learning programs. Crucially, the idea of teacher as ‘curriculum designer’ is something which we take on with all its profound implications for schools. We believe that the digital transformation which researchers such as Mal Lee and Glenn Finger advocate in Developing a networked school community, can be managed through ‘content projects’ which organises ways that school leaders and their staff build the skills to communicate the nature and processes involved in the change to their communities.

Lee, Malcolm, 1944- & Finger, Glenn D (2010). Developing a networked school community: a guide to realising the vision. ACER Press, Camberwell, Vic

Telling the school story

Content strategies for incorporating thought-leadership articles and blogs, alumni news and school digital archives.