Education & technology: key issues and debates

Assessment 2 – semester one (2017)

Digital technology has not transformed teaching and learning.

What is the gap between the ‘state of the possible’ and the ‘state of the actual’?

Details of task

The second assignment takes the form of an essay in which students investigate the relationship between technology and education. Answers should be written with appropriate reference to the material covered throughout the unit and with appropriate reference to the empirical and theoretical literatures.

Students are invited to write a 4000 word assignment on one of the following question:

  1. ‘Digital technology has not transformed teaching and learning’. Discuss

Assignments may choose to focus on one particular area of education (e.g. primary, secondary, TAFE, higher or adult education), or one particular aspect of digital technology use in education (e.g. specific social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter, virtual learning environments).


Word count/equivalent

4000 words (not including references or cover sheet).


Word limit 

Maximum limit of 4000 words (not including references or cover sheet). Excess words will not be marked.


Weighting/Value: 50%


Presentation requirements

The assignment should be written in correct, connected English sentences and fully referenced in the APA or Harvard style. Account will be taken of students’ understanding of key ideas and issues, clarity of presentation, originality of analysis and evidence of reading in their chosen area of investigation.

Criteria for marking

  • Relevance of answer to the set question
  • Demonstrating critical engagement with one or more of the unit learning objectives
  • Effective use of reading beyond the set unit materials in the chosen area of investigation
  • Development of argument / Originality of argument
  • Presentation – i.e. organization and structure; clarity of expression; originality of expression (versus paraphrasing; summarizing); grammar, punctuation, spelling, proof-reading; appropriate use and formatting of citations and reference list

Forming my discussion.