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Dr Josey De Rossi

I take every opportunity to understand the value of relating to and embedding digital technology skills into my classroom practice. As a writer and academic, I have authored numerous articles and reports on the subject, including six text textbooks. I have more than twenty­-years hands­-on experience in facilitating educational programmes. I enjoy applying my fundraising skills to my facilitation and consultation of projects in the arts and education sectors. I specialise in helping schools, education businesses to grow their sources of revenue so that they can create excellent educational experiences for young people, their families and the wider community.

I bring over 25 years of teaching experience, as well as ten years experience as an educational consultant, researcher and writer in both primary and secondary schools. These have been predominantly in drama education and in creative ways of teaching literacy and thinking skills in primary and lower secondary classrooms. Participating in the education still excites me very much: particularly in motivating students to attain high academic results. I continue to research and write in ways of enabling students to achieve results via arts­-based pedagogies in Creative and Critical Thinking, Learning Strategies and Inquiry-Based Projects.

I’ve instinctively always believed in the saying “you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been”. So, by way of giving you a context, the timeline set out aboveof my ‘mostly interesting career’ in education includes the milestones of

  • Beginning as a secondary teacher of Drama, English, Humanities and Sciences,
  • Setting up a community youth theatre during my years as a young mother and returning to teaching in a part-time capacity,
  • Introducing drama into upper secondary,
  • Returning to postgraduate studies
  • Completing a PhD in theatre history,
  • Setting up Fantastic Learning Systems P/L at the Biscuit Factory Arts Centre as a curriculum laboratory to explore how creative and critical thinking works for students in multimodal contexts,
  • Relocating to London to carry out further research and writing in digital learning and arts education,
  • Returning to Australia to continue to develop FLS as a curriculum development/ digital learning service for busy teachers, and
  • Completing a Masters of Education in Digital Learning at Monash.

What drives me

It would be true to say of my career that it has been one which has seen me move in and out of K-12 teaching and has brought me into the realm of research and writing about theatre history and curriculum development.  It’s also true to say that since 2000, when I set up FLS at the Biscuit Factory Arts Centre in Fremantle,  I’ve had an abiding interest in how digital technologies would impact on performance for young audiences and what elearning offered the embodied learning practices in the arts. Here’s an example of one of 30 projects I ran with schools, local arts orgs (Freo Festival) and artists.