About Josey

Dr Josey De Rossi

As a writer and researcher in education, I have authored numerous articles and reports in education, including seven textbooks in my specialist area of arts education and theatre history. I have more than twenty­-years hands­-on experience in writing educational resources. Applying my fundraising skills, I can assist in funding any project when it is required. I am particularly passionate about helping schools use content strategies to build and sustain learning communities. Participating in education still excites me very much. It is my goal to motivate a deep love of learning through rigour and working hard. I continue to research and write on effective ways of running creative projects that highlight 21st-century learning outcomes.

Why I do what I do

As I watch my children, now young parents themselves, I reassess the roles have had in education as a teacher, curriculum advisor and textbook writer.

Have I been a help or a hindrance to the vital work of inspiring and engaging children in our schools?

More importantly, can I now ensure my kids and grandkids participate, as I have done as a ‘baby boomer’, in an egalitarian Australian education system?

I address these questions not by reminiscing about the ‘good old days’. The past can be a ‘hall-of-mirrors’ reflecting back a misshapen truth.

Besides which, I admire the way my children’s generation is evolving solutions. I like what I read and see about new forms of thinking such as DESIGN THINKING. I enjoy participating in new AGILE project management systems that enhance collaboration. I am impressed by new communication systems which understand the importance of CONTENT STRATEGY to help manage the many platforms and software services that are part of living in a digital age. I like the way in which viewing the internet, through the metaphor of an ECOSYSTEM, assists individual and social needs.

It’s a new world after all.

My current work with Fantastic Learning Systems P/L and Red Wool Editions have challenged me to address how I will now produce arts-based education content, write about theatre history and create educational resources generally.   How will the principles, concepts, skills and literary conventions that I carry with me, help or hinder me in creating work for contemporary teachers, students and other audiences?

The answer is: it’s time to think again and learn all I can about the impact of digital technologies on teaching and learning, as well as on the creative and other industry sectors. At the very least, I believe, it is good that my children and grandchildren see how I remain awestruck by the fact that ‘I am still learning’.

What I research and write about…