Communicating in a digital age needs more than a little strategy

As a writer of seven textbooks, I’m examining how digital tools are enabling writers to turn towards self-publishing. I believe that, as in other fields, the impact is potentially beneficial for teachers and school leaders.

This website explores the impact of digital disruption on educational publishing is affecting textbook writers and other educators who thinking about digital technologies allow them to create classroom resources every day.

Who We Work With

School Leaders

Are you a primary principal who facing declining school population numbers? Maybe you’re a school leader wanting to better understand and measure how you school website engages with parents?

We create exceptional content focused on raising enrolments. We are passionate about delivering an outstanding advisory service connecting digital technologies and educational efficacy.

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Innovative teachers

We offer a deep knowledge of pedagogy and scholarship blended with digital content creation. We are excited about the many openings that new technologies offer teachers to communicate classroom achievements and publish their own work online. We love helping them take charge of growing their own professional kudos.


Here are some of our insights…

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Latest Blog Posts

Re-Inventing Textbooks

In this blog, I begin my exploration of producing a textbook teaching and learning in a digital age, an age which has been characterised as bringing disruption through an ‘information tsunami’ while simultaneously enabling education writers to by-pass large publishers and self-publish. What innovations to the content and form of the textbook will technologies give rise?

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Are you an innovative teacher wanting to learn more about writing an etextbook?

We have devised a great workflow to express a teacher’s unique pedagogical take on teaching and learning. Self-publishing is within the grasp of innovative teachers with a passion for making a difference in their classrooms. Our team of digital content producers can help you organise a realistic way of building your kudos through publishing.