It’s a new world for teachers in a digital world. We have access to a limitless number of online resources to help us in plan, program and deliver curriculum content. We are constantly encouraged to use online strategies to assess and evaluate our students’ progress.

So… what’s the problem?

When you’re facing a tidal wave of information on complex educational issues, how do you manage to navigate, filter, read, interpret, create, adapt, file and distribute educational materials that will inspire and engage students to achieve their very best?   Put another way, WE HAVE A TIME PROBLEM!!. No technological breakthrough can change the length of a day, those precious 1440 minutes in which experience family, community and school life.

What are the solutions?

Solutions are evolving just as rapidly by different businesses, industries and organisations, who like teachers, are feeling the impact of digital disruption in their workplaces. As a result, new forms of thinking are being considered such as DESIGN THINKING. New ways of managing projects to enhance collaboration are calling on professionals to be more AGILE. Communication systems are now framed through concepts such as CONTENT STRATEGY to help manage the many platforms and software services on hand. The internet itself is being viewed through the biological metaphor of an ECOSYSTEM in which digital platforms, through coding and algorithms, serve to meet individual and social needs.

No need to learn more jargon - every need to improve learning.

With so much information and so many tools at your disposal, how much time do you have to look for imaginative solutions that motivate and engage your students?

This site is dedicated to curating and finding the best solutions to specific challenges we face as teachers and learners in a digital age.